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Agile fun
Source: Dilbert Comic Strip on 2005-11-16 | Dilbert by Scott Adams
How to publish user data in Meteor
[crayon-609459bcbe4be980732493/] Thanks Colby! Source: The Right Way to Publish User Data | ColbyCheeZe
What bitcoin/blockchain company Paypal will acquire?
Uber in France
Uber suspended in France
Uber decided to suspend UberPop (equivalent of UberX) activities in France tonight to ensure safety of drivers and re-open negotiations with government. [...]
Is AI a real threat?
Mark Bergen wrote recently an article about the potential perils of artificial intelligence. He writes about the Boston-based Future of Life [...]
What are the major auto makers waiting for?
According to Mark Bergen Google has 48 self-driving cars already registered. They have now demo’ed various features to recognize interesting events [...]
Mobile payment in Bangladesh
17 million Bangladeshis (10% of population) using bKash a form of mobile payment. Individuals can transfer money between each other through a network of [...]
4 Leadership Lessons From Ernest Shackleton
HBS just issued a special podcast packed with leadership lessons based on Ernest Shackleton, the first man to cross the continent of Antarctica. Under [...]
What technology skills you should focus next
iOS and Javascript development skills are on the rise. I am always interested in emerging technology skills that are in high demand so I decided to use [...]
News week of Nov 24
Will HBO’s move signal the beginning of the end of cable? Net neutrality will be an increasingly important topic (TechCrunch) Uber banned from [...]
The power of Bitcoin metadata
Enabling rules applied to how money is spent.
News week of Nov 17
Reserve – new pricing design for restaurant reservation and bill payment. Traditionally companies charge restaurants but Reserve is charging diners [...]
How to pay your check with your phone
In February 2014 OpenTable launched a pilot program to enable diners to pay their bills using mobile payments. By October they had already expanded to NYC, [...]
Software is eating the world
Ben Evans from Andreessen Horowitz created this insightful deck for WSJD and a16z Tech Summit. Some key insights. Mobile will generate 10x more [...]
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