Monthly Archives: October 2014

Software is eating the world
Ben Evans from Andreessen Horowitz created this insightful deck for WSJD and a16z Tech Summit. Some key insights. Mobile will generate 10x more [...]
The Grid | AI websites that design themselves
News week of Oct 20
I spent some time this week looking at Apple Pay and Bitcoin. An in-depth look at Apple Pay – Tuaw Interesting Bitcoin apps – Chain Apple [...]
Geolocation-based Messaging
The news that Firechat went viral during protests in Hong Kong reminded me of a topic I am interested – geolocation-based messaging. When we think [...]
News week of Oct 13
I hope everyone took some time off during Columbus day to enjoy family and life. With all that’s going on in the world and the US still maintains an [...]
Permberley Digital
The other day I was listening to a Marketplace special on Pemberley Digital, a producer mostly famous for The Lizzy Bennet Diaries which is an adaptation [...]
News week of Oct 6
HP will split into Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (focused on business software, hardware, and services) and HP Inc (focused on retail). The alignment with [...]
GrubHub vs. Foodler
I was riding the red line T this morning on my way to Harvard Sq when I saw adds for both GrubHub and Foodler. It is interesting to see GrubHub, based in [...]
Yahoo: After Alibaba, focus on video and mobile
On September 29, Financial Times proposed that Yahoo should focus on the Alibaba sale in a tax effective manner. Activist investors also suggest a [...]
For a while I’ve been thinking about documenting my thoughts on strategy and operations, entrepreneurship, and personal experiences. My posts are an [...]